General Conditions of Sales

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Italiapneumatici is managed by the company Centropneus S.R.L., with registered office in Via Provinciale Francesca Sud, 153 - 56029 - Santa Croce Sull'Arno (PI) Italy.


The products offered for sale on the Italiapneumatici site are intended for professional customers.

The tires marketed on the Italiapneumatici website bear the CE approval mark (unless otherwise indicated) and are only new tires. The characteristics of the products presented on the site may evolve. The photographs attributed to each model are not contractual.

Use of products

Taking into account the specificity and high technicality of the products sold on the Italiapneumatici site, the customer is required to strictly comply with the requirements and recommendations regarding safety and reliability in relation to use (vehicle, inflation, pressure ...), assembly and storage of products. Italiapneumatici will in no case be responsible for incorrect fitting of tires and their use in abnormal conditions.

Out of stock

Given the volume of daily transactions, the absolute availability of the products or services ordered is not guaranteed. In case of out of stock, one of our managers will contact the customer as soon as possible to inform him and to propose to modify or cancel the order.

In the event of an order change, the amount (overpaid or underpaid) will be adjusted based on the selected references and will confirm the corrected order to the customer by e-mail.


Order registration

Orders must be placed through the Italiapneumatici sales site.

Order confirmation

The order confirmation will be sent within 24 hours following the registration of the order, by automatic e-mail to the e-mail address supplied by the customer. Only the data (items, shipping info, billing info) present in the order confirmation will be taken into consideration. In case of rectification it is necessary to inform the assistance quickly and in any case no later than 6 hours from the order.


Orders are processed after receipt of payment of the corresponding amount shown on the invoice. Any order that is not followed by payment within 10 days of receipt by the customer of the order confirmation will be automatically canceled.

Modification of the order

The information provided by the customer, at the time of sending the order, implies the formal commitment of the same. In the presence of errors in filling in the recipient's coordinates, Italiapneumatici will not be held responsible for any impossibility of confirming the order or making the delivery. No change in the delivery address can be taken into consideration after the payment of the order, for the delivery of the package (s). However, the customer may request, under his sole responsibility, to change the delivery address directly to the carrier. In this case, Italiapneumatici will not be held responsible for any errors in delivery or loss of packages by the carrier.

Once payment has been received, it will not be possible to make any changes to the order (size, brand, profile, billing or delivery address)

In the event of an error in one of the aforementioned elements, the customer must contact the assistance by contacting the number: 02-8088 7669 or 392-1777909 or by writing to the following email address: Centropneus S.R.L. will provide the customer with the procedure and conditions for canceling and refunding the order.

Order status update

It may happen that the system does not automatically update the status of the order and that it does so at a later time. In this case you can request info via email assistance on the site.

Non-acceptance of the order

Italiapneumatici reserves the right not to accept any order from a customer for legitimate reasons.

Prices and payment methods

The prices displayed on the Italiapneumatici website are expressed in EURO.

Italiapneumatici reserves the right to change its prices according to supply and demand. The price that the customer will have to pay is that of the day of the order.


Orders are processed only after receipt and collection of the payment corresponding to the invoice amount.

For the various payment methods Italiapneumatici accepts payments via Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer.

For any order placed by mail, telephone or Whatsapp with our customer service, the payment on delivery option applies.

Retention of title

Each delivered product remains the property of Centropneus S.R.L. until full payment of the sums due has been made. The customer will therefore be required to handle the product (s) with care.


The delivery address communicated by the customer must be in the same country as the billing address, which is the customer's place of residence.

The delivery address taken into consideration is the one indicated at the time of the order and present in the Italiapneumatici order confirmation. The address indicated on PayPal or requests for changes to the email address are not taken into consideration if they are not followed by confirmation of the change.

Delivery is indicated in the final price during payment and insured.

A small contribution is applied to the courier in charge of the shipment only in the event that your zip code is identified by the courier as a disadvantaged area or difficult to reach or with extra tolls.

The order fulfillment (shipment) takes place on average within 3 working days and is always subject to receipt of payment.

Delivery Delay

Orders in Italy are shipped within 24 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) from order fulfillment. For Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, southern Italy and disadvantaged locations, shipping times can be extended up to 2-3 working days and are given purely as an indication. Therefore, should this term be exceeded, no compensation or withholding can be claimed under any circumstances.

In case of delay due to loss or other logistical problems or difficulties in supplying goods, the delivery could take up to 20 working days. All shipments are insured therefore in case of loss the customer is covered by warranty and will receive a new free shipping.

Delivery to a tire shop

The professional customer has the possibility to choose the address of a tire dealer only as the address for the delivery of the tires. The assembly will compulsorily take place at the aforementioned tire dealer.

It is the responsibility of the customer to contact the garage before placing the order to inform them of the delivery of their tires and to get information on the delivery.

The customer must strictly examine the tires personally before mounting, to ensure that they comply with the order. In the event of an error, the mounted tires will in no case be accepted as a return or refunded.

Centropneus Maltinti S.R.L. loses all responsibility once the goods are delivered to the tire dealer and will always provide proof of delivery if necessary in order to avoid bragging rights by the tire dealers themselves about partial receipt of goods.

Damaged or non-compliant products

In the event of delivery of a damaged or non-compliant product, the customer has the option of refusing the delivery, indicating on the delivery note that he must request the delivery clerk. The customer also has 14 days from the date of receipt to check the conformity of the products delivered and inform the assistance on the Italiapneumatici website by contacting the number: 02-8088 7669 or 392-1777909 or by writing to the following email address :

In case of delivery to a tire dealer, it is imperative that the customer checks himself, before assembly, to ensure compliance with the order. The mounted tires will in no case be accepted as a return or refunded.

Centropneus S.R.L. undertakes to accept damaged or non-compliant products as returned at its expense and to ship the new products as soon as possible.

Loss of the package

If the delivery has not yet been made after 15 days from the date of receipt of the package codes, the customer must inform the assistance provided by the Italiapneumatici site via the contact form, via telephone contacts, whatsapp or e-mail.

At that point a complaint will be opened with the carrier in order to know the reason for the delay.

Non-delivery and return of the goods

Please carefully check the data entered in the order before sending it or ask the assistance for help unable to enter the correct address.


It is possible to withdraw from the contract pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 within 14 days, starting from the delivery of the goods, without giving reasons. The communication must be received via Tel. 02-80887669; E-mail. or Cell. 392-1777909 In order to take advantage of the right of withdrawal, it will be sufficient to communicate it in time or to return the goods.



The tires marketed by Centropneus S.R.L. take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty.

The customer has 14 days from the delivery date to check the conformity of the products and inform the company Centropneus S.R.L.

Centropneus S.R.L. undertakes to replace any defective product that is reported within this time limit, if:

1) The defect is ascertained upon delivery

2) The defect is noted on assembly

If the manufacturing defect is discovered after installation, the customer must inform the contact form in writing, by telephone, whatsapp or e-mail and provide a certificate dated and signed by the automotive professional who detected the tire defect.

The individual firm Centropneus S.R.L. will then collect the tire deemed to be defective, sending it to the manufacturer for an appropriate appraisal. The terms of time for carrying out the appraisal are, approximately, from 1 to 6 months

If the manufacturer confirms the defect, the tire will be reimbursed by applying, depending on the case, a percentage of age.

Legal information

Acquisition and transfer of personal data

The information communicated by customers is intended for Centropneus S.R.L. who will transmit this information, in whole or in part to its business partners only and exclusively for the purpose of order processing, delivery of products and / or provision of services ordered by the customer.

Personal data acquired by the company Centropneus S.R.L. they will not be sold or communicated externally for advertising purposes.

The customer has the right to access and rectify personal data concerning him at any time.

Applicable law and dispute settlement

These terms and conditions are governed by the rules of Italian law.

Before validating your order, the customer will declare that he has read the General Conditions of Sale, and will accept them in full without reservations.

Centropneus S.R.L. warns its users that the elements of its Internet site are protected by copyright legislation: this may be the case for the photographs, articles, drawings and animated sequences contained on this site. The rights on these elements belong to the company Centropneus S.R.L. or are the subject of an authorization for use in favor of the latter.

Any reproduction or total or partial representation of this site for any procedure that is, without the express authorization of Centropneus S.R.L., is prohibited and would constitute an infringement sanctioned by articles L 335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

Each image, text and graphic element used without the consent of Centropneus S.R.L. they may be subject to judicial proceedings.

The user also undertakes not to use programs that could create unreasonable overloads and disrupt the operation of the site.

Any fraudulent intrusion on the site and / or inspiration of the content of the Italiapneumatici site and / or extraction of its database in whole or in part may be subject to legal proceedings under the conditions provided for by law.

Terms and Conditions

Centropneus Maltinti S.R.L. carries out the import and export of goods on the basis of the information provided by the customer who is obliged to complete the order indicating his name, the references of his credit card or other form of payment, the recipient of the tires.

The customer is required to release all the required data complete with VAT number. If Centropneus S.R.L. not such data, the order may not be processed.

Centropneus S.R.L. reserves the right to cancel orders placed by customers even after receipt of payment. The cancellation will in any case always be accompanied by the reimbursement of the entire amount paid by the customer without penalties or additional charges. The images, descriptions, technical values and prices of the products on sale are purely indicative as they are constantly updated and subject to a minimum probability of human error of publication. We take no responsibility in the event of changes made by manufacturers or importers on elements such as tire labels and tread patterns, as they may change at any time without prior notice

If a product is purchased during the updating phase, Centropneus S.R.L. reserves the right to vary the orders associated with it even after having received payment for them and always subject to communication and acceptance by the customer.

In case of non-acceptance by the customer of subsequent changes to the order, Centropneus S.R.L. will cancel the order as quickly as possible and will proceed with any full refund to the customer, without any additional expense or charge.

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